691 Series

The Kuhnke 691 series is specifically designed for mounting externally on machines and processes. It has IP65 protection. The Kuhnke 691 has 8 digital inputs & 8 digital outputs with M8 connections for sensors and actuators.

Please note this series is obsolete.

The product information and datasheets shown on these pages are for obsolete products and should be used only as an aid in re-design or re-engineering.

 691 PLC
The two controller options (691C & 691DP) are expandable via CANopen to other 691 modules (16I or 8I/8O). The Kuhnke 691 IP65 PLC forms the basis of Kuhnke's SPEEDy control whereby 4 standard solenoid/solenoid valves are used to vary the damping of pneumatic cylinders.


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