Positioning & Drives Controllers

Kuhnke Posi Control products are electronic cam controls, for use with absolute encoders. Options include 16 and 32 output versions, with flash EPROMS or buffering and double dead time compensation.

Please note this series is obsolete.

The product information and datasheets shown on these pages are for obsolete products and should be used only as an aid in re-design or re-engineering.

Position Controller 674
Latest Kuhnke Position Controller. 180/360/1000 resolution. NOBES software.
Position Controller 674
Hand terminal and accessories. NOBES sotware.

Kuhnke Absolute Encoders
180/360 and 1000 resolution SSI encoders available. Kuhnke 674.359.01 and 674.359.02. For other encoders please contact your nearest Kuhnke office.

These pages are an introduction and overview to Kuhnke Electronics Products. More information on current products can be found on the Kuhnke.com web site.