Cylinders & Rotary Actuators

Kuhnke manufacture a very wide range of pneumatic cylinders from tiny 3mm brass types to high-specification, heavy duty industrial variants. Choose from the following for more technical information.

Brass Cylinders Miniature Brass Cylinders
Ranging from the tiny 3mm diameter single acting up to 25mm double acting with and without magnetic pistons in 2 different formats.
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 Miniature Cylinders - ISO6432
8mm diameter to 25mm diameter round cylinders with aluminium covers. Single acting, double acting with and without magnetic pistons.
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 ISO 15552 Cylinders
Also known as ISO6431 these 2 designs offer 9 standard bore sizes from 32mm to 200mm. All are double acting with / without magnetic piston.
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 CNOMO Cylinders
A range of double acting cylinders with diameters 32mm to 200mm. With / Without magnetic piston, to CNOMO standards.
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 Compact Cylinders
Ranging from 12mm to 100mm bore these single acting and double acting compact cylinders with magnetic pistons are suitable for short strokes ranging from 5mm to 25mm.
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 Short Stroke Cylinders
Sometimes known as flatpack or pancake cylinders, these miniature designs are available single acting and double acting with diameters from 8mm to 63mm.
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 Rotary Actuators
An extensive range of pneumatic cylinders that provide limited rotary movement.
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 Accessories & Renewal Parts
Sensors, clamps, and seal kits for all Kuhnke pneumatic cylinders.
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