About Us

H. Kuhnke Ltd was established in 1960 as part of the worldwide Kuhnke group of companies. Kuhnke GmbH now manufacture electronics, solenoid and pneumatic products at Kuhnke owned factories in Germany, Italy and Romania. Kuhnke brand relays were sold to Song Chuan Precision Company Ltd in China in 2005, where production of this product continues


Ellis Kuhnke Controls was started in New Jersey in 1964 by G Corson Ellis as a partnership with Helmut Kuhnke from Germany. The company now manufactures a line of pneumatic timers, counters, indicators, sub-assemblies for respiratory equipment, as well as distributing the Kendrion Kuhnke line of products, Impulse Automation Pneumatic products and BSG Solutions Valves and Cylinders which is the former Kuhnke line that they have produced for many years. We offer solutions for the industrial and medical industry and have extensive knowledge of pneumatic systems.