Master PLC's

Kuhnke Master PLC's are those which act as the central controller of a PROFIBUS or CANopen network, using remote slave devices as expansion units. Kuhnke electronics are focused on the systems used in machine building and factory automation. This involves more than just digital I/O, extending to drives, encoders, analogue I/O, temperature controls, and interfaces with other networks (gateways). Choose from two product ranges.

Please note this series is obsolete.

The product information and datasheets shown on these pages are for obsolete products and should be used only as an aid in re-design or re-engineering.

 680 Series
The Kuhnke 680 series forms the core PROFIBUS PLC range from Kuhnke. Based on a 4 or 8 slot base, each Kuhnke 680 series station is individually configured by adding plug in modules. An extensive range of modules includes analogue, digital, PT, stepper-motor, positioning and counter functions. Choose from a stand alone PLC with integrated I/O as well as module slots(680C), a PROFIBUS slave(680S) or PROFIBUS DP Master(680I or 680V).
 645 Series
The Kuhnke 645 series PLC's are PROFIBUS Masters for integration into PLC's. Older style external and ISA slot versions have been superceded by the new Kuhnke 645.435.15 PCI slot PROFIBUS DP Master 12Mbit/s.

These pages are an introduction and overview to Kuhnke Electronics Products. More information on current products can be found on the web site.