Slave PLC's

Kuhnke Slave PLC's are those which use communication protocols to report back to a Master PLC. These Kuhnke PLC products are currently suitable for PROFIBUS DP or in most cases, CANopen. Slaves act as intelligent expansion units of Masters located elsewhere on the network and connected by shielded two wire architecture.

Generally a Master PLC will connect to multiple Slaves (up to 128 in some cases). Slave units are mainly installed close to the devices or inputs/outputs, or integrated in to drives/enocders. Kuhnke's main PROFIBUS DP Slave PLC range is the 690 series, whilst Kuhnke 682, 683, 684 & 685 drives and drive controllers are actually PROFIBUS DP integrated.

Please note this series is obsolete.

The product information and datasheets shown on these pages are for obsolete products and should be used only as an aid in re-design or re-engineering.

 690E Series
T A complete range of expandable PLC's.
Kuhnke AC & DC drives.
 691 Series
IP65 rated I/O devices.