System Logic Devices

You will find Kuhnke system logic devices divided into five sections of this site. On this page you can see an overview of the extensive selection of Kuhnke standard system logic devices. The list includes timers & counters, miniature secondary regulators, indicators and pressure switches, logic valves & flow control and miniature fittings and accessories.

 Timers & Counters
Kuhnke’s wide selection of Counters and Timers provide easy solutions for constructing pneumatic logic systems.
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 Miniature Secondary Regulators
Kuhnke manufactures several types of precision regulators for use in fine regulation of air pressure on small air tools, breathing apparatus and other devices. Units are made of nickel plated brass or molded material and are adjustable or can be factory set for specific applications. Several types are available for mounting on manifolds in addition to standard in line versions. Output pressures range from 0 to 115 PSI depending on unit selected. Volume output can be up to 7 SCFM.
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 Indicators & Pressure Switches
Two types of product families are available that indicate the presence of air pressure in pneumatic systems. Several visual indicators for either panel or in line mounting provide the operator clear visual signals of system pressure for aid in machine operation and trouble shooting.
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 Logic Valves & Flow Controls
Kuhnke’s miniature line of flow controls and logic devices include and/or logic valves, check and quick exhaust valves as well as adjustable and non-adjustable flow controls. Most flow control devices are made of brass with M5 or 10-32 ports for constructing logic circuits. A group of push-in fittings with built in flow controls allow for speed control of small cylinders.
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 Miniature Fittings & Accessories
A complete line of miniature brass fittings and quick couplings are available to complete pneumatic connections. Accessories including silencers, volumes, adapters, tubing cutters and racks are included. Brass fittings include units for connections to M5 and G 1/8 ports in various configurations. Instant push in fittings are available also in metric port sizes.
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